Myriam Buenaventura for MOMAD catwalk, Madrid AW17/ Myriam at her studio, Myriam’s wonderful gillete detail.

The SFA (Spanish Fur Association) is one of our youngest members and they have proved to have the fire, temperament and stamina to keep up with the fast-moving trends on the catwalk and market demands without forgetting their past full of tradition and folklore. They reflect their happy and positive attitude in the work they do. They graft jointly with outstanding designers, promoting and supporting them without forgetting the traditional furriers and farmers with centurial history. This is just the beginning for the SFA but until now they have shown they have the right attitude to make some noise and get noticed. One of the shiniest examples of this new generation of designers is Myriam Buenaventura. This gifted designer creates be-spoke pieces for each of her costumers. The Fur Guru was privileged enough to have a Q&A with this creative mind. This is what Myriam has to say about the current Spanish arena:

FG: What is your opinion on the current situation of the Spanish furs?
MB: The Spanish Fur Industry is currently experiencing a difficult time, due to several factors, the main one is climate. Because of the warm winters we have had in recent years, fur consumers do not use their skins or buy new items, which reduces not only sales but also the demand for updating services and fixturing. Another important factor is the economic crisis, which still persists in our country and makes fur items, not a priority of the consumer … In some sectors of the population, the animal rights issue also has a negative effect on our guild, although not as important as the climate and the economic crisis. Spanish people are quite tolerant with this topic. Despite these factors, we can highlight others that keep this industry alive such as the high quality handmade products that come from tradition and experience of many generations. And that creativity, practically ” Is part of our DNA “…!

FG: What do you think is the best way to promote it?
MB: We must make use of the great trend of fashion in fur on the international catwalks. We must work together and support other colleagues. We can be strong, if we want, despite the mentioned external threats. The best way to promote Spanish fur is to show good design, quality, “Savoir faire” and unity among furriers.

FG: Who are your favorite designers and why?
MB: Fendi has been and continues to be, without a doubt, the number one reference in the international fur industry. Not only for its refinement, creativity and quality, but also for its constant innovation and its expertise in the elaboration of its pieces. Currently there are many designers who make use of fur in their shows so, it would be difficult to say which ones I like the most … This season I really liked Dennis Basso, Blumarine, DSquared2 and Derek Lam.

FG: Who or what is your inspiration?
MB: I find very inspiring anything related to the world of cinema, music and fashion but, above all, the current woman. Her independence, knowledge, elegance and “joy for life,” is what inspires me mostly.

FG: For who do you design?
MB: My clients are women of different ages, who value quality, craftsmanship and design and who love fur for its sensuality and its uniqueness.

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Aside from working hand in hand with talented designers and furriers, the SFA has worked alongside fashion magazines and trade fairs for the past few months to promote not only the association but also the whole trade and federation. The best example of how good this people can do things to promote and invigorate our trade was MOMAD (in which Myriam also collaborated with her beautiful designs). An amazing catwalk that was proof of the Spanish talent and beautiful fur this country has to offer.

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